Free Range Kites

Kites - we make 'em, we fly 'em, we let 'em fly free . . .
Kite Making
   Kite making forum at

Kite Making Supplies from the Kite Studio

Annual Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference

Annual Oregon Kitemakers Retreat

Kite Flying
   The Kite Shoppe, a Vancouver WA - Portland OR store

GWTW forum

GWTW Kites, a kiting e-zine

rec.kites News Group

Kite Organizations
   Associated Oregon Kiters

Washington Kitefliers Association

American Kitefliers Association

The Drachen Foundation
Rang Thang Kite

No Knots On Your Revolution Kite These pages show the modification of the end caps.
An end cap expressly for "hiding knots" is now available from The Kite Studio. The PEKR fitting.

Quad Kite Handles

Kai's Kite Site which includes his Applique Workshop for the Orchid Fighter Kite.

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