Kites made by Willi Koch, Germany

Photos: Copyright 1995-1998 by Kai Griebenow. All rights reserved.

Willi Koch

Willi Koch working on a crystal, Verdun 1995.

Boxkite, Verdun 1995. Willi Koch makes wonderful box kites. They could also be called facet kites. You can see this kite from different points of view to see, how the overall color changes depended on the position of the viewer.

Parasled with line-junk, Verdun 1995. After the line-junk from the sea (fishes, sea-anemones etc., see in Kitelines 1995), Willi created this new line-junk. The size of the crystals gets smaller from the middle of the line to both ends. The colors and motiv of the Parasled kite match the crystals. In addition, the kite-tails also contain crystals.

Willi Koch crystals seen through Frank Schwiemanns Spinbowl, Verdun 1995. and another photo of the Parasled with crystal line-junk, Verdun 1995.

A wonderful Sode (Kimono) Kite by Willi. Due to the venting holes a good strong wind flier. Photo by Paul Lawrence, Peabody, Massachusetts.

New patchwork delta assembled from small stripes around holes. The delta flies very well and stable and does not produce much pull.

A new box kite of Willi - also made from many small stripes as the delta. The applique is applied on top of this framework in a whole piece.

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